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This movement is shared with the Turtle collection, yet with a sole date display (and not the day-date indication). While many of us like their dials to expose complications, this watch keeps a superb external refinement and discretion, while its movement is superlative and hidden. All is machined from a single block of grade titanium, with a replica watches minor polishing (also note that a 5N gold edition exists) 13mm manual winding 72h power reserve 21,600 vibrations/h 85 jewels hours, minutes, small seconds, petite et grande sonnerie, minute repeater on demand, striking mode selection, inclined tourbillon seconds, movement power reserve indicator, strikework power reserve indicator. Philipp: When a client purchases a watch from CHRONEXT, they can be 100% certain that they are getting exactly what they paid for replica watches. Quick facts: 40mm 18k white gold case-automatic in-house movement HMC200 with hours, minutes and seconds. Movement: calibre P8 manual winding-60h power reserve 21,600 vibrations/h 28 jewels hours, minutes, central seconds and power reserve indication-pivoted detent escapement. If you miss out on this run, there are already two follow ups in the early prototyping stages, with another six to follow over the next three years. Maybe a long and technical read, but also a Fake Tag Heuer good reference, is the Wikipedia page about the history of escapements and the role George Graham (Honest George) played. The backlit display is highly legible in any circumstances, regardless of what function you select. It's a massive, rugged and sturdy block of Fake Tag Heuer stainless steel. Only the necessary is here, and sometimes even less, the vintage versions of the Giugiaro/Seiko divers (source: web). Powered by a Seiko automatic movement (Calibre NH35), time is indicated by 2 stationary anodized aluminum pointers hovering above discs rotating clockwise.